Oscars 2021 Nail Favorites

Emerald Fennell, nails by @nails_by_yoko on Instagram
Emerald Fennell, nails by @nails_by_yoko on Instagram

The nail sets displayed at this year's Academy Awards did not disappoint!

Celebrities wore beautiful gowns and makeup with nail sets and embellishments to match.

Check out some of these celebrity Oscar Awards nail sets:

H.E.R.'s Midnight Blue Manicure

H.E.R., nails by unknown artistH.E.R., nails by unknown artist

Andra Day's V-French Tip

Andra Day, nails by @jolene.b.nails on InstagramAndra Day, nails by @jolene.b.nails on Instagram

Maria Bakalova's Glitter-Outlined Manicure

Maria Bakalova, nails by @betina_goldstein on InstagramMaria Bakalova, nails by @betina_goldstein on Instagram

Carey Mulligan's Reversed French Tip Manicure

Carey Mulligan, nails by @nailartbyqueenie on InstagramCarey Mulligan, nails by @nailartbyqueenie on Instagram

Laura Dern's Burgundy Manicure

Laura Dern, nails by @kimmiekyees on Instagram

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