Forecasting for Your Business With the FingerNailFixer, Holly L. Schippers

Holly L. Schippers, an award-winning nail professional, known as FingerNailFixer, wants to share her forecasting tips. 

In a world full of uncertainties, amid the looming pandemic and other global crises, forecasting can be difficult.

Schippers helps business owners learn how to develop the business professional in you with these class keys and more, through YouTube tutorials, virtual or live classes.

Watch her video to get insight into how she got started in the industry as well as an idea of what her class will cover at the upcoming Nailpro Nail Show 2022 in San Jose, California.

What you can expect at her Advanced Education class on Monday, Aug. 22, 2022, from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

  • Forecast product needs based on previous service history.
  • Create a system for tracking product usage.
  • Explore small business sources for order fulfillment.
  • Make smart shipping choices to save money.
  • Establish a plan to order that saves time and money.

Register today for the Nailpro Show to see Schippers live, and learn her techniques. 

Want to enhance your show experience? You can register for the Nailpro Master Challenge from Aug. 21-22, four live competitions to allow you to test and display your skills!

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