How To Stick Your Nail Salon With the Trendiest Products

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Starting a salon, renting a table or setting up your private studio? Not sure where to start with ordering products? The Nailpro Nail Show from Aug. 20-22, 2022, iin San Jose, California, is an excellent place to start learning about new and trending products.

By registering for the Nailpro Master Challenge, competitors will be provided with the products needed to create the nail sets that will be judged during the challenge. The best part? Participants will get to take home all the products used in the competition and will receive a bonus gift bag full of product. Why not experiment with new products live on the show floor?

In the Advanced Education track of the show, Holly L. Schippers’ class “Successful Forecasting for Savvy Professionals” will focus on:

  • Forecasting product needs based on previous service history.
  • Creating a system for tracking product usage.
  • Exploring small business sources for order fulfillment.
  • Making smart shipping choices to save money.
  • Establishing a plan to order that saves time and money.

Want to learn about the hottest products in the industry? Register for the Nailpro Nail Show!

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