Actress Deanna Giulietti Uses Her Nail Fail for Hilarious Content Creation

Learn how actress Deanna Giulietti used her nail fail as an opportunity to create hilarious viral content.
Learn how actress Deanna Giulietti used her nail fail as an opportunity to create hilarious viral content.
Courtesy of @deannagiulietti

What happens when you use a nail fail for good? 

At Nailpro, we recently posted an article about a makeup artist that made a viral TikTok, sharing her nail fail after being unhappy with the service she received. Despite complaining about her tech in her video, the creator made no indication during the service that she was unhappy. 

Our followers agreed that clients should immediately communicate to a tech if they are displeased with their service so that the necessary adjustments can be made. But what happens when that doesn't go according to plan? 

Actress and influencer Deanna Giulietti recently shared her nail fail to TikTok, showing off two crooked red nails. 

Giulietti told her tech at the appointment that her nails were crooked. The tech's response, according to Giulietti? 

"I'll take $20 off if you leave right now." 

Giulietti told the tech that she would be willing to pay full price if the nails could be fixed. The tech responded again by willing to give Giulietti a $30 discount if she would leave the salon. 

While Giulietti left the appointment with crooked nails, she used the opportunity to create some hilarious content for social media. 

Her nail fail gained significant traction on TikTok with her content about the topic getting anywhere from over 220.3K to 1.4M views. She was even invited to a pop up gifting suite event with Hutch Design in Los Angeles, where she was gifted outfits to "accentuate the nails."  

Viewers are praising her content, with one user commenting on her TikTok "Lmao the nails have become their own personality & I love it." 

While the the actions of Giulietti's nail tech may have not been the best, they provided an opportunity for smiles and laughs. Maybe not all nail fails are have to be disastrous after all. 

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