Katie Masters on How Nail Artists Can Manage Mental Health

Katie Masters
Katie Masters

Five years ago, nail artist Katie Masters (@nailthoughts) opened her own private nail studio in Santa Monica, California, and has since become known for her whimsical and abstract nail art style. Her website and Instagram pages are filled with not just nail inspiration, but also business ownership tips, and positive mindset solutions and social media guidance. Struggling with her own social media anxiety and business stress, she shares her personal experiences as a business owner managing mental and emotional health with fellow nail artists battling similar situations. Her end goal is to help inspire nail professionals to create their own path and stay inspired and connected with what they love.

1 The california deserts “I’m a true California girl, and there’s something so peaceful and grounding about the dirt below your feet, the mountains surrounding you and the quiet. I love the warm colors of it all, too: the earthy browns, tans and golden sunsets.”

2 Taylor Swift’s “folklore” “Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift’s most recent album ‘Folklore’ is beautifully written, and there’s no denying it. Her lyrics take me to so many places! They’re nostalgic and day-dreamy. Listening to the album is pure escapism like I’ve never experienced. It brings me back to when I was17 years old and times were so simple—where you could just escape to a place where it’s just you and nature and no social media. ‘Folklore’ genuinely inspired the color names in my latest collection. Each one has a story or feeling attached to it. I wanted people to have that same T. Swift experience with my collection. We all need an escape right now; I wanted to do that for people. It’s been so wonderful to see which colors bring out the different feels in all of my clients and friends.”

3 Old friends “It may sound cheesy, but it wasn’t until these last eight months that I realized how much of my identity was tied to social media. I finally had a little breakdown because I felt like I was trying so hard to please everyone instead of doing what makes me happy. So, I signed off of social media completely for a month and made it a point to reconnect with people who I love so much. If you’re ever, ever feeling lost or overwhelmed, especially with so much access to everyone on social media, sign off and call your best friends. Host a Zoom game night. Get off of the internet for a bit. It’s worth it, I promise. Reconnect with yourself by nurturing your relationships.”

4 Nintendo switch “Dude, what did I do without it? I got my Nintendo Switch before the quarantine hit, and I can’t believe I was ever without it! It takes me far away from my phone. I can play silly games and giggle with my boyfriend and friends. It’s just simple joy. Can you tell escapism is the theme of my year?”

5 Meditation “I wanted to try to calm my brain down from getting anxiety headaches, so I’ve been doing 10-15 minutes of meditation every morning with the Calm app. At first I hated it; I was so squirmy and frustrated. But after just a month or so I feel a massive difference in my daily life! It’s nuts. I never thought I’d be into this!”

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