Courtesy of The Pedi Lab
Courtesy of The Pedi Lab

The Look The Pedi Lab is located on a private 17-acre nature preserve. Guests often enjoy a relaxing stroll around the well-maintained grounds before enjoying their salon experience. Inside the salon, the space is cozy, bold and filled with beautiful things created by talented local and global artisans. In addition to design, I wanted to ensure the safest space for my clients. I spent years researching how to create a salon where guests feel at ease—from the exceptional air extraction systems, which create clean air to breathe, to the use of an ultrasonic cleaner and autoclave for sterilization. My mission is to perform a pedicure with passion and skill that conveys sophistication, simplicity, upscale vibes and an aura of technical modernity.

Signature Services The all-time favorite service is the Anti-Age Foot Care Experience. It’s a very in-depth and detailed experience focusing on creating beautiful, refreshed, and glowing legs and feet. This service can last upwards of 150 minutes and is more of a facial-type experience for the extremities. It includes a peel for the legs and feet, which breaks down the lipids holding the dead skin cells together; deeply hydrating serum and lotion; an antiaging concentrate that diminishes the appearance of age spots and increases collagen production; a brightening mask; and red light therapy.

The Goods I almost exclusively use LCN in the salon because of the extensive lineup of high-quality products and accessories. It’s important to me to be able to use an entire system that has many options so I can customize each service to the specific needs of each guest. I also offer retail, as I believe that it’s very important to the success of a business and the health of your guests’ digits. My best-selling product is LCN 25% Urea Roller Balm because it applies easily to the feet without having to use your hands.

Social Life I use social media a lot to post my work and show fun techniques and services that I offer. I also receive appointment requests from potential clients weekly through our social media pages. At this point, though, new guests are being waitlisted for the opportunity to join my exclusive clientele list!

Renew & Refresh I recently finished revamping the salon with the help of my fabulous designer Samuel Soto. Together we selected new art, paint, wallpaper, a pedicure throne and stunning designer furniture. I added to the revamp during quarantine by upping my ventilation system and disinfection and sanitation tools and procedures. It’s important to constantly refresh your workspace and create an environment that will attract your desired clientele, but it’s also important to change with the times and make improvements needed to deal with the current pandemic in a classy and functional way. All of the work that I did lead to a $35 price increase for each service, but it has only improved my guests’ loyalty and satisfaction.


  • Owner Nellie Neal
  • EST 2018
  • Staff: It’s a one-man show.
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