Sacramento 2017: CND Launches Creative Play Gel Polish

In March 2016, CND announced the launch of CND Creative Play and introduced a collection of traditional nail polish including 80 shades that ranged in fun colors and finishes including metallics, shimmers, pearls and glitters. During our NAILPRO Sacramento 2017 show, the brand introduced more than 2,000 attendees to CND Creative Play Gel Polish. It’s a more affordable gel polish line set at $8 per 15 ml bottle available now in 50 of CND Creative Play’s most popular colors.  It offers a two-week wearability and the product soaks off in 20 minutes.

cnd creative play gel polish

While CND already has a gel polish line (Shellac), CND education ambassador Shirlee Ann Kerr says CND Creative Play gel polish is another gel polish option for nail pros. “To put it simply, Shellac is our Mercedes Benz and (CND Creative Play gel polish) is our Camry. They’re both great polishes, reliable, dependable, great reputation, but Shellac is still our premium product.”

Watch the video below with CND education ambassador Shirlee Ann Kerr to learn how to use CND Creative Play Gel Polish:

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-Sigourney Nuñez

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