Poland’s Very Own Ekert Nails Founder Visits Nailpro

IMG_3033From left: Roksana Ekert, Creative Age’s Debrah Carver and Malgorzata Ekert.

Educator Malgorzata Ekert is a force to be reckoned with as we learned when we sat down for an interview with the nail pro on Friday. Twenty-five years ago she earned her manicuring license stateside and became a CND education ambassador. Passionate about sharing her newfound knowledge her with homeland, she moved back to Warsaw to spread awareness of a safe and profitable way to beautify nails, as well as to offer high-end services to a celebrity clientele.

Since then, she has opened her own salon, Ekert Beauty & Spa, which has been open for business for 16 years. The salon’s clientele includes a long list of local celebrities, along with women who crave a fashionable accessory. “If a clean, safe, and high quality salon is important to you or if you want a nail artist with passion, those are the people who come,”

Ekert says the most requested service in her salon is a hybrid polish manicure with a pop of shimmer. “Clients love plain, natural nails and some love a little sparkle and mirror or foil effect,” she said. “But the nail artists, they were fancy stuff. We want to show that we know how to do the special art.”

Along with running her own salon, Ekert also has her own product line, Ekert Nails. The line includes a selection of acrylic powders, gel paints, nail art accessories such glitters and a collection of 24 hybrid polishes and 110 nail polishes. Her favorite lacquer shade is Lovely Hearts, a deep red hue inspired by her daughter, Roksana Ekert. “That’s the name because we both have very lovely hearts,” she said.

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According to Ekert, nail pros are not required to have a license to practice nails in Poland. In an effort to elevate the industry in her country, Ekert hosts a variety of classes where she teaches everything from manicuring basics like disinfection to advance nail art techniques using the “CND way and the Ekert way,” she said.Ekert has made some of her education available on Ekert Nails’ Youtube channel.

Keep up with Ekert and the latest European nail trends by following her salon’s Instagram page and her product line page.


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