Models Wore Wigs Dyed With CND Vinylux at This London Fashion Show


CND collaborated with fashion powerhouse VIN+OMI for their A/W ‘16 London Fashion Week show.

The fashion collection, entitled “Colourotic” is based on CND’s award-winning Vinylux Weekly Polish colors and was inspired by the close connection between the two innovative, fashion-forward brands. Shared the designer, “This season we have worked very closely with our nail sponsor CND to bring 34 of their colors to life on the runway. The hardest thing was choosing from their great color range.”

Each of the 34 runway looks was named after the shade it was based on, from Bicycle Yellow to Black Pool. While the VIN+OMI design team hand-selected fabric based on their chosen color range, the Daniel Galvin hair team used over 450 bottles of Vinylux Weekly Polish to dye the wigs worn on the runway to ensure a perfect match.

  • VIN+OMI CND Fashion Week
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_034
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_033
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_032
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_031
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_030
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_029
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_028
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_027
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_026
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_025
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_024
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_023
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_022
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_021
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_020
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_019
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_018
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_017
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_016
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_015
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_014
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_013
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_012
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_011
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_010
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_009
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_008
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_007
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_006
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_005
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_004
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_003
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_002
  • VIN+OMI_AW16_001

Created by a team of CND Education Ambassadors renowned for their creativity, knowledge and skill level, the nails demonstrated the endless possibilities of nail design using CND’s product range. The talented Runway team consisted of 7 CND Education Ambassadors (Fee Wallace, Kirsti Gammon, Samantha Birkett-Leigh, Kayley Cairns, Liza Smith, Jeni Smith, Susan McGirl) and a CND Nail Stylist (Nickie Rhodes-Hill).

“Curating the runway looks was a direct collaboration between each of our nail stylists and the designers themselves,” said Samantha Sweet, Co-Founder of Sweet Squared (CND’s UK distributor). “The color themed concepts pushed for structural, sculpted designs. By allowing each CND Stylist to create their designs independently, we were able to ensure designs were individually inspired by each of their experiences of the collection and interaction with the designers, resulting in 34 unique yet cross-linking nail designs.”
Images: CND

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