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Competitors put their technical skills to the test in Cinco de Mayo-themed 3-D Nail Art, Soak-Off Gel, It’s All About the Bling and Salon Success: The Other Side categories at the NAILPRO Competitions held at NAILPRO Pasadena.

Soak-Off Gel – Non-Divisional

1. Shiori Durham 2. Genesis Ward 3. Guin Deadman

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Salon Success – Novice

1. Sammy Ho 2. Christian Becerra 3. Sissy Bramini

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Salon Success – Veteran

1. Shiori Durham 2. Guin Deadman 3. Dafne Fernandez

It’s All About the Bling! – Non-Divisional

1. Christian Becerra 2. Guin Deadman 3. Genesis Ward

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