The Trending Fall Nail Color Madison Beer Loves

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SreyNin Peng's French manicure on Madison BeerSreyNin Peng's French manicure on Madison BeerCelebrity nail tech SreyNin Peng's on-trend brown mani for Madison Beer

Peng used Madam Glam Soak-off Gel Polish in Tastes Like Glam on Beer for the star's appearance at the 2022 Elle Women in Hollywood celebration. The toffee brown color is ideal for autumn nails. 

Peng discussed her inspiration for the look in an Instagram post included below, and told Nailpro that Beer herself came up with the look. "She always gets her French tips, and we added a platinum chrome as we have for
years. We love Madam Glam polishes." Peng said. 

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