[Trend] Neon Nails

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez rocking a neon green manicure
Michaela Jaé Rodriguez rocking a neon green manicure
Courtesy of Sonya Belakhlef (@sonyameesh) and Michaela Jaé Rodriguez

Neon nails are trending all over social media!

Even celebrities are jumping on bright colors!

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, actress and singer, best known for her role on POSE, recently rocked a neon green manicure. 

“Michaela Jae is a real life Barbie,” said Sonya Belakhlef, nail tech. “The Barbiecore trend works so well because not only do the colors match the hot weather [but also] bright neon shades are universal and complement any skin tone. You cannot go wrong with dayglow!” 

In Nailpro's July/August 2022 digital magazine, we cover the neon colors and collections of the summer.

Check out these fun neon nail sets from professionals around the world:

Nails by Milli MacLiam Roberts 

@by MillimacRetrieved from @by_millimac via Instagram 

Nails by Chloe Schopman

@chloesgelnails XRetrieved from @chloesgelnails_x via Instagram

Nails by Rachel “NailsByRayBaby” Odom

@nailsbyraybabyRetrieved from @nailsbyraybaby via Instagram

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