[Inspiration] Milk Bath Nails

Nails by Yancy Vanegas
Nails by Yancy Vanegas
Courtesy of @nailsbyancy

Milk bath nails are trending.

Not familiar with the trend? Well, it started with nail techs embedding pressed flowers into milky white acrylic.

Now glitter, butterflies, fruit and more are being embedded into this style!

Check out some of these milk bath nail sets:

Nails by Katarzyna WarmuzNails by Katarzyna WarmuzCourtesy of @kasia_warmuz_instruktor

Nails by Katie LouiseNails by Katie LouiseCourtesy of @beautybykatielouise

Nails by Jessica MendozaNails by Jessica MendozaCourtesy of @nailtechjess_

Nails by Fulop EdinaNails by Fulop EdinaCourtesy of @nailsbyfulopedina

Nails by SevenNails by SevenCourtesy of @sevennails95

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