[Trend] Tapered Square Nails

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Courtesy of Spate

According to Spate, tapered square nails are one of the most popular nails shapes!

Spate noted that there are 35.5K searches every month in the U.S. for tapered square nails. This search has grown 133.1% since last year. 

Other terms searched alongside tapered square nails include: long/short/medium (referring to length), vs. (i.e., vs. square, vs coffin, vs square), acrylic, white, ombre, French and black.

In addition to different shapes, nail art searches are up +20.8%. Top growth in nail designs include swirl nails, smiley face nails, black tip nails and anime nails.

With the large canvas of the shape itself, nail technicians and consumers enjoy adding designs onto the tapered square nail.

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