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Are your clients feeling nostalgic? Check out these early 2000s-inspired heart nail sets.

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Courtesy of @vanityprojects

The early 2000s are making a comeback with Y2K heart nails.

These particular heart nails pay homage to the bubbly heart doodles we drew all over on folders and binders in junior high school.

The hearts look like the ones seen on Powerpuff Girls where the hearts radiating out in multiple layers.

Checkout these examples of Y2K heart nails:

Nails by Emily Lynch, @blackoutlynchNails by Emily Lynch, @blackoutlynchCourtesy of @blackoutlynch

Nails by Cherie, @cheriesnails_Nails by Cherie, @cheriesnails_Courtesy of @cheriesnails_

Nails by Tahvya, @nailedbytavNails by Tahvya, @nailedbytavCourtesy of @nailedbytav

Nails by Emily Lynch, @blackoutlynchNails by Emily Lynch, @blackoutlynchCourtesy of @nailchurchpdx

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