Fall in Love With Red Nails


Morgan Taylor Just One Bite BottleRed is not just for date night anymore! Due to the pandemic, red nails are the new red lips, especially in this new era where everyone is wearing masks.

Red nails are not just a symbol of glamour and sophistication, they can be worn any time of the day or week. This bold and powerful color can slay it in the office, yet also lead to a sultry, seductive look for an ultimate romantic weekend. 

Any outing is a big deal and makes for an excuse to get a little fancy and dolled up, especially during quarantine.

Choosing the Correct Shade for Your Skin Tone: 

If your skin tone is cooler and you have pink, red or blue undertones: Lean toward the blue spectrum of the red polishes, such as deep burgundy, cranberry or cherry shades.

For example: "Lisa" by Zoya or "Yield for No One" by Artistic Color Revolution.

If your skin tone is warmer and you have yellow or golden undertones: Opt for red polishes in the orange spectrum, like coral, salmon or reddish auburn shades.

For Example: "Adrenaline" by Essie or "Just One Bite" by Morgan Taylor.Artistic Colour Revolution Yield For No One

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