5 Psychedelic Swirl Nails for Your Summer 2021 Mood Board

@_allured / via Instagram
@_allured / via Instagram

While retro-inspired hairstyle challenges are taking over TikTok (hi, “Fawcett Flip”), nail art is also embracing the exuberant vibes of the 1960s and 1970s just in time for summer.

Swirl nails have been popping up on our Instagram feed, and nail artists are getting creative with their use of rhinestones and tried-and-true summer neon and pastel shades. We have rounded up five swirl sets that will help your clients enjoy the summer like it's 1970.

1. @meraki_nails_cardif

2. @_allured

3. @bejazzeled.nails

4. @alexa.didthat

5. @fiepedersen.dk

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