Whimsical Nail Art Your Clients Will Swoon Over

Images courtest of Manish Arora and Celine Cummings
Images courtest of Manish Arora and Celine Cummings

More is more when it came to the creations of designer Manish Arora. Every piece he crafted bore maximalist beading and embroidery, high-voltage color, dizzying patterns, and sharp tailoring that, frankly, was the only aspect he reigned in. Eye trickery scored high with the prolific designer: A shift dress sprouted three-dimensional roses that appeared touched by glistening dew and a drop-waist number’s embroidered geometric pattern revealed, upon closer inspection, rows of lipsticks and vintage cigarette holders. For Arora, source material for a collection could be anything—the wilder the inspiration, the better. Influences ranged from the darkness of HBO series Game of Thrones for his Fall 2015 collection to Josephine Baker at a rave for Spring 2014 (hence, those vintage cigarette holders) to the truly Wild Wild West for Fall 2016. No matter the inspiration, Arora’s madcap designs serve as a magical springboard for whimsical nail art creations. Guest artist Celine Cummings, a master of fine details, revisited Arora’s archives, translating the designer’s love of embroidery, beading and boisterous patterns into intricate nails that elicit wonder—just like their muses.

About Celine Cummings:

Norwood, Pennsylvania-based editorial and freelance nail artist Celine Cumming (@nailedbyceline) specializes in detailed nail art, and juggles her love of science and art equally, splitting her time between working as a geologist and creating nail art.

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