Send Nudes: Female Form Nail Art is Trending

@mariealliancenails / via Instagram
@mariealliancenails / via Instagram

One of the biggest trends on Instagram is giving nude nails an entirely new meaning. Abstract nail art depicting the nude female body was one of the most popular nail trends of 2020—the top post on Nailpro’s Instagram account last year was a gorgeous nudes-on-nude set by that garnered a whopping 51,382 likes. The trend continues to wow as we venture into 2021.

With female empowerment top-of-mind for many clients and technicians, showcasing strong, beautiful female bodies on a fresh set is a fun way to encourage liberation and equality. Below are some gorgeous examples.

1. @nailsbyzo

2. @mariealliancenails

3. @vanityprojects

4. @jadetangtheartist

5. @chellys_nails

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