Bubble Nail Art Inspired by 2020's Top Runways

Nail art inspired by Commes des Garçons (left and center) and Area (right).
Nail art inspired by Commes des Garçons (left and center) and Area (right).

The year 2020: A time when swaddling oneself in a cocoon of plush fabric sounds wholly appropriate. And while designers certainly didn’t have the foresight to know that their oversize wares could provide the perfect respite from an unimaginable reality, hindsight is 2020 (literally!). At Halpern, a parachute of rainbow fabric billowed forth from the model’s shoulders, swallowing up everything but her two lanky limbs. A copper cape dress at Nina Ricci appeared as comfortable as a cushy sleeping bag—no camping required. Sending out serious sci-fi vibes, Area’s silver coat with swelled heart-shaped hips provided ready-made social-distancing insulation—no matter how hard it may be to maneuver in it! Though certainly more body-conscious in fit, a Commes des Garçons sheath dress bubbled over with cloud-shaped pillows—just the kind of padding one might desire when de-stressing.

Nails that act as a billowy buffer may sound impractical, but guest artist Tahsiyn Harley makes this cushy trend wearable with 3-D-sculpted poufs, dancing swells of transparent gel and lengthy talons etched to mimic the ripples and swells of the season’s inflated pieces.

Guest Artist: Just seven years into her career, NYC-based editorial nail artist Tahsiyn Harley (@thenailphilosophy) is a nail mentor and educator. She draws tip inspiration from her travels to far-off places, such as Marrakesh and Mexico City, and you can find her work published in The New York Times, Vogue and ELLE.

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