Nail Art Inspired by India’s Spice Markets

Nailspiration-NP718 Opener

India’s grand spice bazaars open the senses and spark creativity.

Nailspiration NP718 – 1

Fabrics, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Step 1: Apply two coats of orange gel polish.

Step 2: Use a detail brush to create an hourglass shape at the base of the nail with black gel paint. Then, paint a crown at the bottom of the hourglass shape with teal gel paint. From the center of the crown, paint a black leaf.

Step 3: Use a liner brush to paint pink lines on the hourglass shape. Outline the leaf and create veins at the center with white gel paint. Use a dotting tool to apply yellow gel paint to the top and bottom of the hourglass shape. Then outline the top of the hourglass with white. Seal with top coat.

Nailspiration NP718 – 2

Hindu Offerings at Festival in Varanasi, India

Step 1: Apply two thin coats of black gel polish. Then, use a detail brush to paint a thin, curved line up the nail with green gel paint. Use pink, orange and yellow gel paint to create an imperfect circle at the tip of the green stem.

Step 2: Paint yellow hearts coming out from the center of the flower, blending them together at the base to create petals. Then, use a dotting tool to create tiny dots to the right side of the flower.

Step 3: Outline the flower petals with pink gel paint. Then create a floral pattern with pink gel paint to the left of the flower. Use a detail brush to create teardrop shapes inside the petals with black gel paint. Apply teal gel paint to the right side of the tip.

Step 4: Use a tiny detail brush to create two thin black lines coming from the top of the teardrop shape to the inside of the petals. Accent the pink floral pattern with green gel paint. Use a liner brush to paint small lines with pink gel paint over the teal color at the free edge.

Step 5: Add subtle details to the design with teal, yellow and pink gel paint. Seal with gel top coat.

Nailspiration NP718 – 3

Colourful Anjuna Flea-Market in Goa, India

Step 1: Apply one coat of teal gel polish.

Step 2: Create an ombré effect by applying a thin layer of mint green gel paint to the free edge and blending the color up the nail. Go back in with the green gel paint, placing an emphasis on the free edge to create more saturation and achieve the desired gradient effect.

Step 3: Use a detail brush to create scale shapes with black gel paint from the base of the nail to the middle, ending with a point.

Step 4: Use a thin brush to create leaf shapes inside of the black scales with green gel paint. Continue with the same brush to create small black teardrop shapes at the free edge.

Step 5: Fill in the teardrop shapes with orange gel paint. On a palette, mix together white and pink gel paint. Use a dotting tool to apply the mixture to the inside of the scales. Finish with gel top coat.

Guest Artist:

Sabella Snyder (@sweetbcreations) is a Los Angeles-based nail artist.

“I was inspired by the intricate, bright designs of the tapestries and fabrics.”

Sabella Snyder-headshot

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[Market images courtesy of Getty Images]

This article was first published in the July 2018 of NAILPRO

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