How-To: French Manicure Variations

Listen, we all know that since its inception, the French mani has never been in danger of going extinct. From the get-go, die hard pink-and-white lovers have been addicted. However, as far as the public is concerned, its “hot trend” status waxed and waned throughout the years. It had a moment in the ‘90s and early 2000s (shoutout to my fellow millennials and our fancy prom nails) and then was passé. A few years back, we started calling it negative space nail art, and poof, she was back in the spotlight.

While the overall concept has not changed—a neutral-colored base on the body of the nail and a white (or colored) smile line—we see the biggest difference in the overall shape and style trends. As a natural nail specialist, my clients tend to prefer their nails on the shorter side and prefer less extreme fashion shapes, opting for squovals, ovals and almonds. Another thing that has not changed: Clients think it is a quick, easy design; you and I both know there is nothing quick or easy about a French manicure. However, with the right products and game plan, you can set yourself up for success.

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