TUTORIAL: Natural Nail Prep With Kupa Phantom Passport and Ombre Nail Art

Kupa's Elaine Watson shows us how to use the Phantom Passport e-file and Kupa's Prepper Bit to safely and properly prep a natural nail.

Kupa’s Elaine Watson takes the stage to show us how to use the new Phantom Passport e-file and Kupa’s Prepper Bit that is smooth and is designed to safely and properly prep a natural nail. Watson also shows how to use two of Kupa’s Triptych 3-in-1 acrylic powders to execute a seamless ombre design over a square nail. Watch the video to see how Watson uses the same bit to execute surface filing, lateral side filing and even shaping.


Elaine Watson Shows How to Safely Perform a Manicure with an E-file

Nude-to-Neon Acrylic Nail Art by Kupa Guest Artist Yire Castillo

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