Tutorial: Two-Tone Stamping With Young Nails Caption Polish

Two-tone stamping is a great service you can offer to those last minute Valentine’s Day manicure requests. For clients who crave intricate nail art but want a speedy service, opt for the help of a stamper and stamping plate to get the best of both worlds. In this nail art tutorial, Greg Salo of Young Nails Caption Polish shows how to use two shades in one stamped design. To make the manicure even more durable, Salo uses Caption Conversion Base and Top to extend the wear of the nails by converting nail polish into gel polish easily. Follow the steps below for the demo:

1. Prep the nail with a spongy buffer. Use Swipe and a lint-free polish to remove debris.

2. Apply Protein Bond to the nail to extend the wearability.

3. Apply a thin coat of Caption Conversion Base and cure for one minute under an LED lamp or two minutes in a UV lamp.

4. Remove the tacky surface with Swipe and a lint-free wipe.

5. Apply one coat of Caption Polish In My Previous Life. Repeat for full coverage.

6. To create a two-tone effect, load the Caption Stamping Plate with a swipe of Look Don’t Touch and Socially Anti Social. Pull the color and pick up the pattern with the stamper. Apply the pattern to the nail with light pressure.

7. Once dry, apply a thin coat of Caption Conversion Top and cure for one minute under an LED lamp or two minutes in a UV lamp.

8. Remove the inhibition layer using Swipe and Lint-free wipe.

How will you incorporate this technique into your services? Let us know in the comments below and click here for more nail art ideas from Young Nails.

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