How-To: Saweetie's VMAs Nail Look

Temeka Jackson created Saweetie's nail look for the VMAs.
Temeka Jackson created Saweetie's nail look for the VMAs.
Courtesy of Temeka Jackson

Saweetie wore a sparkly pink dress to the VMAs featuring two bones, one at her neck and the other near her waist. 

To compliment her standout red carpet look, celebrity manicurist Temeka Jackson (@customtnails1) created a larger than life icy chrome nail look using products from Aprés Nail.

To learn how she brought the look to life, you can follow the tutorial below. 


  1. To start, Jackson created custom press-on nails by merging two tip sizes together, with the smaller size on top. 
  2. To create the extended nails, start by applying tips in sculpted coffin extra long on a stand. 
  3. Adhere tip one size smaller. Remember to flush the tip and buff/lightly file smooth. 
  4. Blend the tip to give a more flawless finish. Using a base gel coat will help level out the nail to create a smooth service. 
  5. Apply one coat of gel base coat, and cure for 30 seconds in a LED lamp. 
  6. To create the icy chrome style, apply one coat of silvery gel polish, then cure for 30 seconds.
  7. Apply one coat of non-wipe glossy gel top coat, then cure for 30 seconds. 
  8. Apply chrome then 1-2 layers of non-wipe gel glossy top coat.
  9. Create 3D texture by adding bling. 
  10. Finally, apply non-wipe glossy gel top coat to only the areas with 3D texture with a gel liner brush, then cure for 30 seconds. 
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