Fall Abstract Nail Art Tutorial

Fall abstract nail art by Melaine Maurice.
Fall abstract nail art by Melaine Maurice.
Nail art courtesy of @gelledbymel

We’re falling for this abstract autumn nail art tutorial by nail artist and Light Elegance educator Melanie Maurice

Maurice's design was inspired by Light Elegance's ButterCream collection, A Walk in Central Park

Fall abstract nail art tutorial.Fall abstract nail art tutorial.Courtesy of @gelledbymelHow-To: 

  1. Dab on spots of Bundle Up Blue, Central Park Stroll and Rendezvous With You using a block brush. Don't cure just yet.
  2. Do the same with A Jog with My Dog, Mad About Plaid and Manhattan Mauve. Again, skip curing.
  3. On one half of the nail, from cuticle to free edge, gently float and pull the colors down using a dry gel polish brush. Repeat on the second half of the nail. Cure for 30 seconds. 
  4. Add foil to the nail. Cover with a layer of Crystal Clear JimmyGel, and cure one minute. Buff using a foam file, then finish with Super Shiny. Cure one minute. Cleanse, then finish with LEpro Cuticle Oil

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