How-To: Textured Tweed

Textured tweed nail art by Mel Maurice
Textured tweed nail art by Mel Maurice
Courtesy of Mel Maurice

Get this textured tweed how-to from Light Elegance Educator Mel Maurice.

Maurice drew inspiration for this preppy nail look from Light Elegance's fall 2022 collection, The WhoDunIt? Feel free to experiment with multiple layers of polish.

Get The Look: 

Textured tweed step-by-stepTextured tweed step-by-stepCourtesy of Mel Maurice

1. Apply a medium-gray color in one layer, and cure under an LED lamp for 30 seconds.

2. Follow with a matte UV/LED top coat in one layer, and cure for 60 seconds.

3. Using a fluff brush, add dark plum stripes in light strokes, then sprinkle with  clear acrylic powder. Cure for 30 seconds, then cleanse the nail.

4. Repeat Step 3 with a fuchsia polish followed by any additional layers. 

5. Finish with a nail cleanser or dehydrator.

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