How-To: Katy Perry's Met Gala Look Using Aprés Nail Products

Katy Perry's Met Gala 2022 nails
Katy Perry's Met Gala 2022 nails
Courtesy of @kimkimnails

Celebrity manicurist Kim Truong created a simply gorgeous nail look for Katy Perry using Aprés Nail products for this year's Met Gala. 

Katy Perry rocked a natural nail look at the event.

Get the Look:

  1. Apply Gel-X Natural Round Medium tips to the nail, using Apres Extend Gel.
  2. Trim length slightly and reshape to elongate an almond shape.
  3. Prep nails for polish by swiping with Gel-X Prep.
  4. Apply one coat of shade Yesica.
  5. Apply one thin coat of Insatiable
  6. Finish off with Aprés Nail Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat.
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