[Exclusive] NYFW How-To From Julie Kandalec

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Courtesy of @julieknailsnyc

Julie Kandalec partnered with CND to design the nails for The BLONDS Show at New York Fashion Week 2022! 

Kandalec, celebrity nail artist and nail educator, was the lead nail designer in collaboration with CND for The Blonds at New York Fashion Week February 2022 show.

She created sleek nail looks to compliment the collection through design, shape and length. Screenshot 2022 03 03 155303Courtesy of @julieknailsnyc

“The Blonds are designers who are known for creating collections that are over the top with a rebellious twist. I designed a long stiletto nail to accessorize the dramatic looks. I wanted the nail to personify a vixen, vampire look. And what better way to incorporate that look than a blood-red drip nail using signature CND shades like Rouge Rite and Black Pool? Inspired by a vixen vampire, a little femme and a little darkness,” said Kandalec.

Step by Step:

    1. Polish ¾ of the nail with CND VINYLUX in Rouge Rite.
    2. Polish ½ of the nail with another coat of CND VINYLUX in Rouge Rite.
      1. Taking a thin liner brush dipped in pure acetone, work the brush backwards vertically until the desired pattern and look is achieved.
      2. Use acetone to create additional negative space.
        1. Allow to dry, and apply CND VINYLUX Top Coat to seal.
        2. Once dry, apply CND SolarOil to nail and cuticle for a moisturized finish.
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