Disney’s The Lion King Inspires Nail Art Sourced from the African Savannas



Inspired by Disney’s newly released The Lion King, Melbourne, Australia-based nail artist Sarah Elmaz created a set of tips evoking the animals, colors and textures of the African savannas. “My color scheme took cues from the dark, earthy tones of the African wilderness,” she says. “I followed a circular pattern on the sugared nail to represent the Circle of Life mantra from The Lion King and the wavy look of a lion’s mane.”


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Step 1. Create a vertical ombré with two shades of beige gel polish, and cure. Repeat this step for an even, smooth gradient. Apply top coat, and cure.

Step 2. Use a liner brush to paint curved lines with the two shades used to create the ombré and white gel paint. Sprinkle superfine glitter over the wet gel. Cure.

TIP! Do not dust off excess glitter.

Step 3. Repeat step 2 until the entire nail is covered. Cure.

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Step 1. Apply two coats of green cat’s eye gel polish. Between coats, use a magnet to pull the pigment in different directions to add dimension and a color-shifting effect.

Step 2. Use a liner brush with black gel paint to paint a stem and leaves.

Step 3. Continue painting leaves until the stem is full, and cure. Finish with top coat.

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Step 1. Apply two coats of black gel polish, and cure.

Step 2. Apply three similar toned transfer foils to the center of the tacky surface of the nail.

Step 3. Use a thin liner brush with black gel polish to line both sides of the foil, leaving a band of foil only down the centre of the nail. Finish with matte top coat. Cure.


Step 1. Apply two coats of black gel polish, and cure. Apply matte top coat.

Step 2. Paint an irregular shape similar to a gemstone with a cat’s eye gel polish. Use a magnet before curing. Repeat this step. Apply top coat on the stone shape.

Step 3. Use a liner brush and gem gel to outline the cat’s eye gem. Add caviar beads around the outside, and cure.

Step 4. Adhere crystals to the corners of the shape and finish lining with caviar beads. Finish with matte top coat, avoiding the beads and jewel. Cure.

*Cure after every gel application unless otherwise noted.


–by Angelina Lewis


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