Nail Art Tutorial: Scaly Snakeskin

Want to create chic snakeskin prints on nails like Liina Leino, the artist behind Instagram account @kohokukkia? She her process using Mosaic brand gels!

Supplies needed:

+ Black gel paint (She used Mosaic Black 9 gel)
+ White gel paint (She used Mosaic Snow White 3 gel paint)
+ Flexible top coat (She used Mosaic Flexy top gel)
+ A dotting tool

Step 1: First paint your nail with white gel paint and cure in the UV light.


Step 2: Mix black gel and top gel to make a transparent black gel and cover the whole nail with it. Do not cure.


Step 3: Add drops of clear top gel on top of the transparent black layer with your dotting tool and quickly cure it so that the pattern doesn’t spread too much.


Step 4: Seal the nail with top gel and cure. Wipe tacky layer. Finished!



Images: Liina Leino

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