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What are Lace Nails

Nail Art Tutorial: Lace Nails

Your colors don’t always have to be opaque. By laying down a thin black base over black designs, you can create a lace-like effect. Follow along as Sarah Elmaz of Get Buffed shows how:

1. Start with prepped nail (base coat required if on natural nails).

2. Paint a black gel polish border around entire nail with a striping brush.

3. Add dots with a dotting tool (or crisscross pattern for a fishnet look).

4. Cure before applying next layer.



5. Mix about 2 drops of clear top coat gel with one drop of black (adjust according to the color you would like to achieve).

6. Brush over entire nail. Cure when done; do a second coat of the sheer black if required.

7. Add top coat and cure again.

8. Lightly buff the top layer with a buffing block if you are going for the pantyhose effect (leave glossy if you prefer).

9. Wipe off dust with alcohol wipe and you’re done!

Find more nails by Sarah Elmaz online:
Instagram: @getbuffednails

[Images: Sarah Elmaz]

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