[VIDEO] Sculpting on a Form With CND PLEXIGEL Shaper

NAILPRO and Beauty Launchpad have collaborated to bring salon techniques, business advice, trends, product information and networking to beauty professionals, at the virtual Beauty Go Pro Show, Oct. 24, 26 and 27, 2021.

Toni Periatt, CND educator and 25-year nail industry veteran, will present a 25-minute webcast on CND PLEXIGEL application entitled "CND PLEXIGEL: Painted Path to Perfection." 

"The enhancements category is the fastest-growing category in the professional nail market globally. Nail professionals are looking for easier and faster ways of creating perfectly enhanced nails and with CND PLEXIGEL; they can achieve this for every client. CND PLEXIGEL is a versatile and convenient brush-in-a-bottle gel enhancement system that provides strength and shape for three-plus weeks of wear," said Jan Arnold, co-founder of CND. "PLEXIGEL Shaper is crystal clear for negative-space art, encapsulation and the most glorious crystal nail enhancements. PLEXIGEL Builder is nearly as strong as hard gel but rebalances in a fraction of the time. Both are light as a feather and removable. With CND PLEXIGEL, you have clear perfection and profit-building time savings, all in 4foursimple bottles."

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