The Making of NAILPRO October 2018 Cover

NAILPRO magazine – October, 2018

We couldn’t help getting into the spooky spirit, what with Halloween just around the corner. But of course, we wanted to take a chic approach to the cover nails-and to help us achieve that was none other than our 2018 NAILPRO Cup champion, Emese Koppányi. She stretched her skills beyond imagination (and her comfort zone)in order to compete in every category in the race for the Cup. But for this cover, we wanted to tap into what she does best: acrylic pink-and-whites. Koppányi sculpted the model’s extensions, then used a soft pink and white acrylic to create an ombré French-a style that seemingly every client is asking for these days. Then, for a touch of drama, she coated one nail on each hand with inky black gel polish and topped it with a sprinkling of crystals. While this look is certainly appropriate for a sophisticated All Hallows’ Eve, it’s also exceedingly wearable for every day- confirmed by the fact that the model went home wearing her newly sculpted nails!

[Nails: Emese Koppányi; Photography: Angela Marklew;Makeup: Dana Delaney, Forward Artists; Hair: Victor Mendoza; Model: Danielle Ifrah, Elite Models; Digital Imaging: Art Vasquez, RP Digital.]

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