Savvy Salon: The Cosmo Studio, Torrance, California


The Cosmo Studio owner Thuy Nguyen invites Nailpro to her chic and sleek salon in sunny Torrance, California.

The Look

When clients walk in, a trendy environment and bright receptionist greet them with freshly made coffee, water or soda. Honing in on the local vibes in Torrance, The Cosmo Studio houses a chic and modern design inspired by cleanliness and sustainability. With a mission to keep materials and waste to a minimum, the decor parallels that minimalist ideal. Plants surround the front desk and line the back walls to provide natural detoxification of the odors that sometimes accompany nail services. The salon features eight plush manicure/ pedicure stations and six seats at the manicure station.

Cosmo-Studio-nail-artSignature Service

Because of our varied menu, clients can spend anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours with us depending on the complexity of the service or design. Gel extensions are our most popular service, as we take the time to build our skills by continuing our gel extension education. A full set starts at $80 and goes up from there depending on the length, gel preference and any additional art.

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cosmo-torranceThe Goods

We’re always looking for fun and new products to implement at the salon so that our clients are up to date with the latest nail trends. We retail products from FarmHouse Fresh and Dolkii and use a variety of professional brands in our services, including Presto, Kiara Sky, Kokoist, Missu and more.

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Cosmo-Studio-nail-polish-wallThe Outreach

The Cosmo Studio strives to empower everyone within the community by offering fun workshops that create a safe space for locals to come together. These events range from energetic workout classes to demonstrations on how to make Hawaiian flower crowns, known as Lei Po’o.

Social Life

We mainly utilize Instagram, as it allows us to showcase all of our manicurists’ creations and connect with clients directly. Our clients often use our feed for inspiration for their next nail design.

thuy-nguyen-Cosmo-StudioUp Close With Thuy Nguyen

What was your first job in the nail industry?

“My first job was with a big chain nail salon when I was 18 years old. I was fresh out of school and wanted to start working right away.”

What inspires you?

“My children are the ultimate inspiration. They’re the reason I work so diligently! It’s important that I set the standard for them to live by so that they grow up to become great citizens who make contributions to society.”

What was the most notable thing that happened to you when opening the salon?

“A man walked into my salon, looked me straight in the face and told me that I wouldn’t be successful because my prices were too high. Little did he know: I have much thicker skin than he expected. I believe in myself, my concept and my salon too much to let people like him keep me down. Four years later, after servicing a long list of clients and garnering another long list of new clients awaiting availability, guess who came back to book an appointment with us?”

What’s your best advice for new salon owners?

“Never let anyone define your worth.”


Owner: Thuy Nguyen
Est.: 2016
Staff: Ten commission-, hourly- and salary-based employees.
Benefits: Various workshops, along with tuition reimbursement for advanced education.

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Instagram: @thecosmostudio

Facebook: /TheCosmoStudio

–by Sarah Reyes


[Images: Courtesy of The Cosmo Studio]

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