Daily Inspo: CND Cofounder, Jan Arnold


CND cofounder and style director Jan Arnold always has her finger on the pulse of current fashion trends. It’s no surprise then that the brand, founded in 1979 by her father, Dr. Stuart Nordstrom, is now one of the most sought-after beauty companies for creating innovative runway nail looks at shows ranging from Libertine and The Blonds to Ryan Lo and Gareth Pugh. Arnold has made it her mission to ensure CND’s commitment to professional nail artists and the clients they serve. Here, Arnold reveals what gets her creative juices flowing.

1) Meticulous Architectural Nail Sculpting: “Building a transformative nail enhancement requires attention to calculated and beautifully crafted architecture using a great product, like my favorite, CND Retention+ liquid and powder. It’s one of the most difficult and fascinating of all techniques in our profession.”

crystal-nail-art2) Crystal Clarity: “This is my recent obsession for all accessories. In nails, achieving this requires the perfect product and precision placement. The result is a radically simple statement of refinement.”

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3) Expressive Humans: “Good communicators are hard to find in today’s world. I love a clear communicator who looks you in the eye and uses carefully selected words—just enough of them but not too many—to paint a beautiful message.”

Sunset4) Vibrant Sunsets: “With prismatic colors and dramatic wild bird expressive flare, they’re God’s way of blowing our minds.”

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5) Shiny Shoes: Anything I can put on my feet that shines and shimmers makes me beyond inspired and happy. Miu Miu does a glitter shoe best; the glitter never falls off!”

–by Lotus Abrams


[Images: Courtesy of CND and Getty Images]

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