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The best nail technicians are always hungry to learn. But how many classes can you pack into a busy schedule? And how much travel can you afford?

Digital technology has changed everything. Potentially, it puts all the training you could desire in the palm of your hand. In fact, the mobile phone has become the most powerful educational resource on the planet, delivering knowledge effortlessly in text, image and video.

If you want an example you can use today, take a look at one totally free resource: SNS Academy. It’s filled with short but detailed video trainings for a host of exciting nail technician skills.

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Are You Motivated?

Be warned: All these benefits of technology come to you on one condition. . . That you use it!

Digital education is so easy to reach, you can actually miss it. When you physically travel to a class, you’ve already committed money and time, and that’s a big motivation to engage with the training. But when learning is yours for a few clicks, you’ll be tempted to postpone it. Motivation is up to you. You have to make a firm decision, and budget uninterrupted time. If you do, there’s no limit to how far you can advance your skills.


Two Ways to Train

With any education, the easiest place to start is with the things you know. Training in this case is about improving the skills you have already, learning new tips and tricks that can help you get a better result in less time. If you look inside SNS Academy. you’ll find many examples, where a little time spent with the videos will give you a new edge. Whether it’s in preparing the nails, or using an e-file, or completing a French tip, the techniques are tremendously useful.

Go For What’s New To You

But the biggest excitement comes when you push yourself into unknown territories. In this case, you’ve decided to expand your skillset, and learn how to serve your clients in ways you’ve never done before. That decision sets you apart from the mass of technicians, who are happy to keep repeating the few skills they’ve acquired. It shows you’re determined to become one of the profession’s most respected (and best paid!) nail artists. For you, SNS Academy is an essential resource. It’s the ultimate digital training in every aspect of dipping powders. And all the trends show that dipping powders are shaping the future of the nail industry.

So, if excellence is your goal as a nail technician, then mastering dipping powders should be one of your top priorities. SNS Academy makes that as easy as possible—right there in the palm of your hand.


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