Nail Art Tutorial: Hypnotic Ombre

Ez Neon Daze Hypnotic Ombre Step4

Get the scoop on how to do this ombre manicure! You’ll need the EzFlow TruGel Neon Daze gel polish collection, which even includes these pearl-like nail art pieces. Here’s how to do it:

Ez Neon Daze Hypnotic Ombre Step1Step 1: Paint the nail with TruGel Base Coat. Cure.
Step 2: Painting in sections from base to tip, apply Hypnotic at base of nail, Beach Club Babe in the center, and Urban Heat at the tip. Before curing, use the side of an EZ Wipe! to blend the colors and create an ombre effect. Cure.
Step 3: Repeat colors to increase intensity as desired. Cure.

Ez Neon Daze Hypnotic Ombre Step2Step 4: Using Prism Pulse and a thin brush, create a reverse V from the base of the nail. Clean as needed for a crisp line. Cure.

Ez Neon Daze Hypnotic Ombre Step3Step 5: Place small White Hot Nail Art Beads along the reverse V. Seal with TruGel Top Coat and cure. (*Note: Beads can be applied during the Top Coat application, before curing, if don’t want to cover in top coat.)

Ez Neon Daze Hypnotic Ombre Step4Step 6: Cleanse with TruGel Gel Cleanser.

[Images: EzFlow]

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