Nicki Minaj Gets Engaged – But We’re Looking at Her Nails

Screen Shot 2015 04 20 At 11 57

Her manicure may be all party, but that rock is serious business! Nicki Minaj recently got engaged to hip hop’s Meek Mill and along with the big news came a shout out to Miami nail tech @lady_smurf_. So while everyone is congratulating Minaj, we’re over here giving huge props to Sandy, the Florida-based nail artist who seemingly scored the best possible week to do nails for one of the world’s biggest nail art icons.

Minaj’s stiletto nails were all decked out in springtime pink, green, and blues and topped with rhinestones. Because huge engagement ring or not, you couldn’t have a Minaj manicure without bling.

Screen Shot 2015 04 20 At 11 56

[Images: Instagram @nickiminaj]

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