Fabric Nails for Wes Gordon

Essie Fw Sep14 W Gordon 068

Of course, fabric is a huge element on every runway. At the Spring/Summer 2015 Wes Gordon show, manicurist Rita Remark for Essie opted to extend linens down to the fingertips with a simple crosshatch pattern. The look seemed super simple, but when Remark broke it down step by step, we caught a glimpse of the finesse required for each fingertip:

Step 1: Apply Ridge Filling Base Coat to clean, filed nails. This gives the nails a smooth, even surface necessary for even lines later.

Step 2: Once the base coat dries, apply one coat of Cocktails & Coconuts, followed by one coat of Imported Bubbly to mimic the look of dewy skin.

Step 3: Next, dip a striping brush into Blanc and remove most of the polish in order to have maximum control and to prevent pooling.

Step 4: To create the linen pattern, add vertical stripes of Blanc down the length of the nail, keeping the lines very thin and unevenly spaced.

Step 5: Then repeat the method above with horizontal Blanc stripes across the nail.

Step 6: Finish the design by adding a thin coat of Allure to diffuse the brightness, followed by Good to Go Top Coat.

Essie Fw Sep14 W Gordon 008

[Images: Essie]

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