Nail Trends: Back to School Nail Art

@eason1094 Eason

Whether schools near your salon started this week, last month, or still have a couple weeks to go, be sure to offer your guests a wide selection of back to school nail art. For inspiration on which designs to put on each tip in a mismatched set, see these creative manicures from several artists who have created nails for the occasion!

@imodat Rebecca Mynter 2

Skies are bright and clear in Rebecca’s back to school manicure. We love the whimsical ring finger that uses a different color polish for each crayon in the box.

 [Image: IG@imodat]


Yezenia’s nails illustrate the design possibilities for tiny tips. Her clipped tips even include an adorable red composition book.

[Image: IG@ycshortnailart]

@nails By Jen

On the other hand, these long nails are a stunning canvas to show off a collared shirt and red tie that can be tailored to the colors of any local school or university.  

[Image: IG@nails_by_jen]

@captain8bit Dezzy N

All the pieces come together for Dezzy’s puzzle nails. Pastels are a great palette for clients who teach elementary school, do child care, or work with young kids.

[Image: IG@captain8bit]

@eason1094 Eason

These pointed tips work well for pencil nail art, but our favorites in this mani include the rainbow rhinestones and the adorable stick figure drawing. The variety of colored stones are a sophisticated (and sparkly) way to incorporate the whole crayon box spectrum in one place.  

[Image: IG@eason1094]

Ig@nails By Jen

Plaid is a preppy back to school classic. Rather than trying a simple solid line technique, use small ‘v’s and slashes to recreate an authentic plaid pattern.

[Image: IG@nails_by_jen]

@nailsbynoreee Lenora Crowley

We’re pretty impressed with the careful, almost typed lettering on the index finger. The sponged red and black print on the pinkies is an easy to do accent for small nails that can’t fit a full design.  [Image: IG@nailsbynoreee]

@freshnailsxo Sasha Mac

We’re completely smitten with Sasha’s Converse mani. They really “tie” a back to school outfit together!

[Image: IG@Freshnailsxo]

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