Gallery: Designs for Long or Stiletto Nails

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Want to expand your nail art portfolio? With a long canvas, the possibilites are limitless! 8 nail techs from around the world show off some of their prettiest work they’ve done clients. Included are some unexpected ways to go 3-D and fantastic colors for the season, all on oval or stiletto nails. See all the designs.



Lori of Philip Johnson’s Salon Group used gel polish on these natural nails to create a simple but perfectly feminine manicure. Taking the same technique in a new direction with different colors, Lori also designed her glittery “Death Star” nails she shows off with a Darth Vader prop.

Philip Johnson’s Salon Group
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

[Images: Lori C., IG@hennadoll]

Julie, artist for INM, painted these pretty tips! We love the combination of natural flowers and bright colors alongside a fierce pointed shape and small gold studs.

[Image: IG@nailsbyjulie via IG@inmnails]

@jlucy88 Lucy L
Lucy‘s nail art looks like it should be on the hands of a pop star! This stage-ready nail art has “love me” artfully scrolled across the two middle fingers — a detail you might not have noticed at first.

Burcroft Hair and Beauty

[Image: Lucy L., IG@jlucy88]

We have found every glitter lover’s fantasy! Amanda covered these ombre nails with all the sparkle the world has to offer. We love the rough texture the glitter gives to the end result.

Manda’s Nailz in Pimpama, Queensland.

[Image: Amanda N.; IG@mandanorgrove]

@nail Envy Ocala
Rachel‘s mismatched mani incorporates a fall favorite, sparkly oxblood. Are you feeling short on basic designs to add into your nail art? The unfinished leopard spots on the pinkies are a subtle accent we almost missed!

Nail Envy Ocala
Ocala, FL

[Image Rachel H., IG@NailEnvyOcala]

Tonnie‘s 3D designs are done with Tammy Taylor Acrylic Powder, Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones, and nail art jewelry. Her 80’s graffiti style is seen in a lot of her work; she isn’t afraid to combine unexpected patterns.

Snipps Day Spa
665 Burke Ave
Bronx, NY 10467

[Images: Tonnie, IG@nailstattoo]

Rather than lining nails with the delicate strings of tiny pearls, Cara of Salon Couture let her art go wild by piling the pieces atop each other to create an incredibly unique accent nail. “TheNailPicasso,” indeed!

Salon Couture
7625 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, MD

[Image: Cara, IG@TheNailPicasso]

Elejandro, better known as #TheNailBoy, is living proof men belong in the salon, too! His designs are fresh, modern, and often vibrant. To do these sets, he used acrylic products by Nail Harmony and DecoArt paints.

See more of his art:
For appointments, contact [email protected].
Rotterdam, Netherlands

[Images: Elejandro, IG@Elejandro]


Adoredollsparlour 1

Artist: @adoredollsparlour
Tutorial here.


Galaxy Nails Ideas 0

Artist: @getbuffednails
Tutorial here.


Cover 51

Artist: @getbuffednails
Tutorial here.


6 F Inished Nails 0
Artist: Lynn Lammers, photo by David Casteel
Tutorial here.


10724023 603366926439092 598342544 N 0

Artist: @getbuffednails


10727216 1531490533734266 1601374922 N

Artist: @sarahp898


10809864 715394561890250 1502287679 N 0

Artist: @envynailloungeinhoustontx


10616863 667684646663030 1170594395 N 0

Artist: @shimmyy


10808663 1577623559122818 821123863 N 0

Artist: @nailbitersink


10617062 1510480695877266 1858232514 N 0

Artist: @sarahssnaglar


1391351 1503958159882992 576136124 N 0

Artist: @txmanimuse


10809651 1535803296663448 470031815 N 0

Artist: @fiina_naillounge


10809646 406306996185222 664382856 N 0

Artist: @missnailsessex


10808796 727481103987676 913036356 N 0

Artist: @shinenaildesign


10755983 1499612950303875 71227662 N 0

Artist: @nailsculptress


10729304 618761694899877 1783709699 N 0

Artist: @adoredollsparlour


10735163 823963624313208 903217980 N 0

Artist: @princess_paige1


10735484 808451309213257 1076760750 N 0

Artist: @adoredollsparlour


10731464 1500527340201247 909118102 N

Artist: @sarahp898


10296734 1496711507266430 467422997 N 0

Artist: @zi_nails


923834 1567116506843687 2102464416 N

Artist: @klor_med_bling


10802512 755453554491602 1095115741 N

Artist: @kkat_at_vivinails


925066 1421014518173668 1492449164 N

Artist: @getbuffednails


10844076 810870842307990 1421216183 N

Artist: @celinaryden


10864743 386731441486825 525369221 N

Artist: @joannasnails


10864700 1544170925826060 1035829189 N

Artist: @klor_med_bling


10734988 269773476480338 411029322 N

Artist: @kitasdesignsfordivas


10724893 794943153917924 1542153262 N

Artist: @adoredollsparlour


10852591 593123934154005 1870492245 N

Artist: @nailsbyjuicyj


10838736 1513593722242526 104257351 N

Artist: @kkat_at_vivinails


10844197 1525143571095138 1544769848 N

Artist: @zi_nails


10848435 314871555368252 1327035399 N

Artist: @vivinails


10832278 824007477655362 1425318196 N

Artist: @drnailsisin


10832152 369044056601647 1858816492 N

Artist: @fiina_naillounge


10838484 604563046336221 649176200 N

Artist: @divine_nails_


10864773 1558765711002547 1382152722 N

Artist: @beagabyy_nails


10520310 337298986457634 2000247658 N

Artist: @acrylicsbyamelia


10844207 815920635132943 702847187 N

Artist: @nailsbyjuicyj


10844138 779295942151436 225659608 N

Artist: @nailsbyraybaby


10755909 380659555443025 1755083559 N

Artist: @adoredollsparlour


10809915 528033627299302 404045088 N

Artist: @totalnvesthetics


1740759 928731527137267 595571567 N


Artist: @bebebebebebe01



10838460 393343574151979 1576861329 N

Artist: @bebebebebebe01

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