2011 London Nailympics

Nailympicsweb1If you’re interested in competing in the 2011 London Nailympics, get ready because it’s scheduled for September! Last year, the comp reached a global audience when the press fell in love with the outlandish fantasy and media nails. This year proves to be just as exciting with the addition of two new categories — Stiletto Nails and Soak-Off Gel manicure. According to Alex Fox, the competition organizer, this year will be “the highest standard yet; there’s high hopes for 2011.”

The competition judges hail from all over the world, with judges flying in from Russia, Australia, and the USA to support their UK colleagues. Confirmed sponsors of the 2011 London Nailympics include OPI, Cuccio Naturale, Hand & Nail Harmony and Nubar among others.

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