Guru's Guide: Get Your Skin in the Game


Skin care for our hands, nails and toes comes in three important steps: exfoliating the old, hydrating the new, and of course, practicing home maintenance in between professional services.

The first step in my salon skin care regimen is exfoliation. Gently buffing away dry skin first is important so that we are not working backward and hydrating skin that will be exfoliated away. In my atelier, I offer dry manicuring using an e-file and diamond bits. It is a highly requested service that works especially well on dry skin. Instead of soaking the hands and trimming cuticles, the fine diamond bits slough away any corner calluses, excess skin and hangnails, nearly eliminating the need for cuticle nippers or cutting. A dry manicure also helps nail services last longer by allowing the polish or enhancement to adhere better to the nail plate, and the ability to get significantly closer to the cuticle, giving clients much more time between appointments.

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