4 Mental Health Tips for Your Salon

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The professional beauty industry has a unique and powerful impact on their clients’ mental well-being. From lending a listening ear to boosting self-confidence, hairstylists, nail techs and spa professionals can come alongside those struggling with their mental health.

While it is important to be a strong support system to those who reach out about their mental health struggles, it is also imperative to take care of your own mental health first. Booksy has shared four tips for making your salon a place where mental health can thrive, even on the tough days.

1. Talk to someone

Confide in a co-worker or someone you trust to vocalize you are having a rough day. 

2. Let it go after hours

Relieve emotions post-work by doing some physical activity or a hobby you truly enjoy.

3. Set boundaries

Draw a respectful and courteous line with your clients who call or text at all hours of the day with pity stories about why they must cancel or must come in ASAP.

4. Add some tech, and let it work for you

It is awkward chasing your clients for payment. No-shows and the loss that means for your books are draining. Using technology to solve the day-to-day operations challenges is empowering. An app or a platform, like Booksy, offers marketing tools, holds clients accountable for cancellations or no-shows, processes mobile payments and serves as a marketplace to sell your products.

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