Test Yourself December 2019: Peripheral Neuropathy


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Welcome to your Peripheral Neuropathy Quiz

1. Peripheral neuropathy (PN) occurs in the central nervous system.

2. Which of the following should you steer clear of when working with clients who have PN?

3. The medical field refers to PN in the hands and feet as __________.

4. There are more than ________ identified types of PN.

5. The most common medical condition that causes PN is ___________.

6. Elevated pedicure chairs are recommended for use when servicing clients with PN.

7. Which of the following are symptoms of PN?

8. A ____________works best when filing PN clients’ nails.

9. When an underlying cause for PN isn’t determined, the condition is called ____________.

10. An estimated _______ of diabetics have PN.

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