With flowers blossoming and the sun shining, pastels seem almost inevitable when it comes to the spring color palette. However, Q.LACQ Nail Lacquer by Christrio has managed to create a brand new collection that fit into the category of pastel polishes while remaining vibrant and eye-catching.

In the brand’s Spring 2017 collection, Q.LACQ Nail Lacquer brings together five perfect pastels, available in both polish and Q.GLOSS, for the season, leaving a capsule collection to keep for years.QLACQ-Spring2


Included the collection:

101 – French pink

107 – Pastel yellow

111 – Pastel green

115 – Baby blue

116 – Periwinkle shimmer

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This story was originally published on NailItMag.com

[Images: Courtesy of G.LACQ]


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