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Just in time for spring, guest nail artist and educator Elwira Walczak shows how to create an effortlessly embroidered four-step nail look using gel paint.



 step 1

Prep the nail. Apply a gel base coat, and then cure. Apply two coats of nude gel polish. Cure. Mix top coat and white gel paint to create a sheer color. Use an art brush to paint the inner part of your design, and cure. Apply top coat. Cure.



step 2

Use white gel paint to outline your design. Cure.



step 3

Finish outlining, and add accents. Cure between each step of your design to prevent smudging.



step 4

Use a micro detail striper bush to paint a diamond cross-stitch pattern as the background. Use a dotting tool to add white gel dots sporadically on the corners, and then cure. Finish with a gel top coat. Cure.


—by Angelina Lewis


[Images: Courtesy of Elwira Walczak]

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