Boosting Social Media Engagement
Meevo released their top 10 tips for boosting social media engagement.

Social media can be tricky to navigate, especially with the constantly changing algorithms. It seems like social media best practices are constantly changing. However, Meevo released their list of top dos and don'ts on social media to help spa and salon professionals maximize their social media engagement. 

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Social Media Dos

  1. Choose the Right Platforms. This comes down to understanding your goals and ideal client. Meevo suggest starting off on Facebook and Instagram. From there, other platforms to consider would be Twitter (for conversation starting), Pinterest (for inspiration sharing), LinkedIn (for connecting with other professionals), YouTube (for sharing educational content) and TikTok (for short-form videos). 
  2. Post Meaningful and Relevant Content. Make your content relevant to your target audience as well as have them match the tone and image of your brand.
  3. Add a Book Now Button. This can help increase your actual booking amounts. 
  4. Share Ways to Save. Discounts can incentivize potential clients to come check you out. 
  5. Use Videos or Go Live. Images grab consumers attention better, with 51% of people more likely to share videos with firends and family over an image.

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Social Media Don'ts

  1. Don't Forget to Share Your Amenities. This can range from lattes and snacks to a plunge pool. Make sure your clients know you are more than just your servicces. 
  2. Don't Ignore Questions and Comments. This helps to build your reputation, making you seem grateful, helpful and genuine.
  3. Don't Neglect to Update Your Info. Make sure to update any business changes like location, hours, or anything else relevant to guests. 
  4. Don't Leave Out Relevant Hashtags. This helps to expand your reach, so use trendy hashtags like #selfcare, #metime, etc. 
  5. Don't Overlook Local Clients. While new followers are nice, take extra care to motivate the ones that are close to your vicinity that could actually benefit your business. 
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