Social Media Success for Your Salon

Courtesy of Julie Kandalec
Courtesy of Julie Kandalec

Social media evolves rapidly—sometimes even overnight. Consider this article a sequel to the March/April 2021 piece about keeping up with the ‘Gram. 

Last year in the March/April 2021 issue of Nailpro, I wrote about how important it was to be cohesive on your Instagram pages. After all, you are a professional brand and should still appear as one, but I want you to relax a bit as I let you in on a secret: It is less strict now. After what we all endured through post-lockdowns, people are taking more of a YOLO (you only live once) attitude and having fun again online.

Social media can cause a toll on our mental health with constant comparing: follower count, likes, saves, shares, enhancement style and skills, nail art designs…The list goes on. Remember that social media is a highlight reel. Most people are not posting their nail art mishaps, missed client hangnails or bubbled polish.

What To Post

Balance sponsored posts to nonsponsored posts at a ratio of 1:3 at the most—unless you are under contractual obligation with a brand to post otherwise, of course. This allows your followers to see that you are not always trying to sell them something. Posting nonsponsored content builds trust from your followers.

Write engaging captions. This is an important aspect of social media. Keep the conversation about your content going in the comments by posting a call to action (CTA). What action do you want your followers to do? If you want them to comment, your CTA can say “comment below to tell me which nail is your favorite,” or “share this with your nail bestie!”

Sharing and saving (versus “likes”) give the best engagement results on Instagram as more people can see your content those two ways! Another way to interact and build community with your followers is to share one bit of information (like the base shade) and asking them to comment below if they would like to know the rest of the products you used.

Always choose one or more of these categories to build a loyal following: be entertaining, be educational, be aspirational or be relatable.

For tips on on keeping social content fresh, using the best lighting and tackling vidoes, check out Nailpro's June 2022 digital magazine. 

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